I Guus Klaren

Since 1988, I work as an established independent organizational coach, supervisor and Gestalt therapist. Past President of the Dutch Flemish Association for Gestalt Therapy and Gestalt Theory (NVAGT), past member of the General Board of European Association for Gestalt Therapy, past chair of the Human Rights and Social Responsibility Committee(HR&SRc) of EAGT. Currently member of the HR&SRc.

I was schooled in the Post Graduate Social Studies with a specialisation in supervision and guidance and organisation development. After that, I specialised in Gestalt approach. Central in this are people and their possibilities for development. An approach that I have made my own over 30 years. In working with individuals, groups and organisations. In The Netherlands, in different countries in West and Eastern Europe and in West Africa.

In Theory U ‘Leading from the Future as It Emerges’ by Otto Schramer and the mental legacy of Stéphan Hessel ‘Believing the unbelievable’ I also find inspirational ways for guiding learning- and developing processes in this dynamic era. These approaches have in common the sharp senses for what is secretly present and for what wants to develop itself.

This ‘secret new thing’ fascinates me, not only in my work, but also while strolling though nature, in poetry and literature, daily encounters with people, my acting in a theatre company and as a singer in a vocal ensemble.

I live and work in Nijmegen in the Netherlands.


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