Leadership development

Facilitating and unifying leadership

New forms of leadership are necessary to answer the questions of this time. There is a need for leaders who are less dictating and more facilitating and unifying. A type of leader who has an eye for the developmental phase of the organisation and his employees. Who knows how to connect to this and unleashes the powers that will help forward these development processes.

Sensitivity around the interaction between the individual and the organisation

As a leader you see the importance of increasing consciousness around your personality and your style of making contact. The importance of increasing sensitivity around the interaction between the individual, the organisation and wider surroundings. You see the evolving of your leadership as a condition for the development for your organisation.

The new that wants to be developed

As a ‘new leader’ you have at your disposal the means for in-depth attention, the ability to listen on different levels and you are open for the new that wants to be developed. Together, in process of co-creating we design a leadership programme that connects to the wishes and possibilities of your company.



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