Team coaching

Investing permanently in working together

The quality of working together in a team is determinative for realising department and organisation goals. Investing permanently in working together is needed in a quick changing environment. To answer to the challenges of this time in a meaningful way. In team coaching, I pay attention to people individually and as a group, tasks and environment.

Utilising differences

The power of working together as a team lies in recognising and utilising differences. I help these teams to map these differences, rolls and qualities. And how to set them as building blocks in the development process of the team.

Team dialogue

A competent dialogue between members of a team is the bridge in recognising, acknowledging and utilising the valuable differences in your team. I facilitate a learning process that fits the specific developmental phase of your team. In such a way that all the human potential can blossom. The result being that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.


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