The balance between ‘we and I’

More that ever, our time shows us mutual dependence. This social and ecological understanding asks for a reorientation on human realtions. We are challenged to exceed the individual and to focus on recovery or the renewal of social connections. In our personal lives, organisations and societies. To find a new balance between ‘we and I’. To find answers to the questions of our time.

Gestalt psychology

The Gestalt approach enables us to bridge differences. Values the difference, the subjective experience and has eye for the situation as a whole. It is a bridge between the other person and myself. A bridge build between mutual interests and becoming aware of the other’s right to exist.

The dialogue

In the dialogue, there is space for the encounter, reflection and for developing greater awareness. People can connect to their own knowledge and wisdom. Learn from each other to do what the situation calls for. To go beyond old concepts and be open to the new that presents itself on the horizon. For anchoring ‘the new’ lastingly into our head, heart and hands.



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